Rock Reef In The Rain

Rock Reef In The Rain

Another day filming the recruitment video for J.P. Morgan. This time at Bournemouth Rock Reef!

This shoot was just what we needed. It was efficient, calm, and professional. But most importantly, we had fun.

We were given great creative freedom for this day partly due to Red Balloon not being present, and that we were using our own equipment rather than theirs. For this day, we used two DSLR’s (Canon EOS 650D & 60D) and two GoPros.

The aim of this day was to capture one of J.P. Morgan’s many team-building exercises they do with their employees.

I packed all the equipment and travelled with Emily via taxi down to the pier. We arrived early which gave us great time to fool around in the arcade. I was royally beaten in Air Hockey 5-2, but brought it back with a ridiculously close game of Basketball with 84-83. We finished just in time for the other members of the crew to arrive at the pier.

The Rock Reef were wrapping up a child’s birthday party when J.P. Morgan employees arrived so the manager gave everyone to the opportunity to go on the zipline for free whist they clean up. This was great! Since coming to Bournemouth that has been something I have wanted to do.

I attached a GoPro to a monopod and fashioned a makeshift selfie stick. I handed it to our main employee, Catherine, who we had focused on in previous days and sent her up the tower first. We sent Catherine first so that we could retrieve the camera immediately after her go so not to waste time at the Rock Reef. Emily and I jumped next and it was awesome! Flying over the choppy sea in the dark, wind, and rain was fantastic! Climbing the tower alone was cool enough as you got the fast sea winds hit your face and wobble the tower. Would love to do it again. Very grateful both the Rock Reef allowed J.P. Morgan a free go on the zipline but also J.P. allowed us to partake too.

J.P. Morgan BTS - Rock Reef (1)
The crew for J.P. Morgan’s recruitment video on the day of the team building exercise at Bournemouth Rock Reef.

Once off the wire and back on the pier, we set up for the rest of the event. I set up the 650D with a 14mm lens in the corner of the room to capture a timelapse. I then mounted a GoPro onto a helmet and passed it to an employee. The other GoPro was still attached to the selfie stick and passed from person to person. Three timelapse videos were made as I moved the camera each time the employees moved to another challenge. I then used the 6D with either a 50mm or 24-105mm to run around and capture the rest of the event.

After our time had finished in the Rock Reef, everyone went to Aruba to relax. Further video was captured here.

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  1. Loved reading this! It was a productive but quite a strange and fun shoot wasn’t it?! The zip wire was definitely the highlight but nonetheless, the footage turned out great I’m sure.

  2. Loved this! It was an amazing shoot and pretty on par with our English Heritage shoot on the Isle of Wight!

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