The Elves Have Rescued Xmas Day

The Elves Have Rescued Xmas Day

J.P. Morgan Present Sorting.

Emily and I were to go to a warehouse on the outskirts of Bournemouth to film J.P. Morgan employees sorting donated Christmas presents for the less fortunate.

The day was incredibly fun. It was just the two of us and we therefore had complete creative freedom and directive control of the day.

We were using our own equipment (Canon EOS 650D and 6D) and one GoPro. I set up the 650D in the corner to make a timelapse, a GoPRo on an employee’s chest, and the 6D with my vintage 50mm.

Emily and I took turns filming and recording sound and managed to make an entire video in its own right.

How I ruined Emily's shot
How I ruined Emily’s shot

This is what filmmaking should be; fun, quick, and efficient. We wrapped with loads of coverage of the event, I gave Emily her Christmas present, then we took a taxi home ready for my next piece of filming…


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