Jenna The Great – Campaign

Jenna The Great – Campaign

Jenna The Great is an independent short film written and directed by Dan Tonkin. It’s a story about a cocky student; Jenna, waking up with peoples chosen favourite philosopher; Aristotle, to deliver you a funny hidden chapter of history about the most unlikeliest of friendships ever forged.

On the 26th of April, I filmed the material for the campaign video that will be hosted on IndieGoGo as the cast and crew raise funds and attention for this short.

This was a really easy and fun set up to do and the cast and crew who would star in the promotional video were great to be around. Everyone showed enthusiasm for the day and the film in general, and contributed wonderfully to the video.

Working with Dan again is ace and I’m super grateful he’s got me on-board to help out with this project.

Here is the finished video and the link to the campaign page…

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