He’s still alive. Get a medical capsule, immediately.

He’s still alive. Get a medical capsule, immediately.

Music Concrete is still going in the 21st Century.

After completing the unit Stories And Spaces – an art instillation that combines the use of projection mapping and music concrete- I continue to stumble upon creatives unknowingly making music concrete pieces.

It’s fascinating finding these videos appear on my Facebook wall or YouTube homepage of what some people think as just funny remixes or mashups, but actually developments on the theories and craft of post-war and 1960s sound engineers and artists.

The poster thinks it’s a funny two minute video, and the creator thinks it’s a new form of meme, but can actually be traced back to an archaic form of sound manipulation.

  • The problems of association and the perfection of of extending the range of transformation techniques.

“I believe that the use of noise… to make noise… will continue and increase until we reach a music produced though the aid of electrical instruments”

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