My Robot Friend – Designing the Robots

My Robot Friend – Designing the Robots

Designing the Robots

Robots were a large factor in the production of this film. They represent the excessive consumer choice in our society – there are so many robots to choose from, that once finished with one robot or it becomes ‘obsolete’ one can just discard it and move onto a newer model.
Our world is trapped in a throwaway mind-set with our technology of mobile phones, tablets, or computers, discarded without hesitation when the opportunity rises to get an update. Film allows the extraordinary to be brought to the ordinary; so robots are used to replace and represent our most advanced yet mundane ‘disposable’ technology – mobile devices.

Vintage Toy Robots

The robot designs are based off of vintage toy robots from the 1960’s to counter hyper-realistic designs in contemporary science-fiction. They have also been made to evoke nostalgia in viewers to when robots used to be colourful, playful, and happy.

Rough Sketches and Designs of Robots

Sketches were made to see which robots would be the best fit in the real world and the simplest to build. The sketches helped me discover limitations in time and construction as I was able to see how much material would be need to build them and how much or little detail each would have.

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