What do you mean, you do voices?

What do you mean, you do voices?

Our final task for Working in the Media Industry – interviewing our two candidates.

The interviewing process was informal and lighthearted, but our discussions and constructive criticisms were serious.

The questions we asked were related to linking the skills or previous jobs listed on their CVs to our job position.

George and I had been interviewed by another group the week before and from that experience we wanted to implement the criticism given to them into our interview. Namely, to welcome the interviewee and discover a little bit about them before beginning the main questions. When George and I were interviewed, we were not greeted and were thrown straight into technical questions of “have you used X before…How good are you with dealing with X?”

Our first question to ask the interviewee was what interested them to apply for this role and what interests them in media.

Later questions would revolve around dealing with the public or difficult situations with people and how they would deal with them. To our delight, both candidates provided past examples of these situations and how they dealt with them.

Peppered through the interview I would ask questions relating directly to their CV. For example, when scrolling though Grace’s CV, it states she is fully trained in First Aid – so I questioned Grace about how she came about obtaining the certificate and how it would be beneficial to our job vacancy. Likewise, Emily had noted she was a 1st AD on a short film to which I enquired how the responsibilities of the 1st AD can be transferable to a Location Marshal.

We did play one trick on both candidates which they saw right through. We moved the chair they would sit in to the very back of the wall – hoping them not to take the initiative and bring it closer to the desk. When they both came in, we all laughed as they knew why we had done it.

The interviews were really good. And we all learnt from the experience. It was strange interviewing our friends and keeping a professional attitude, but we were very supportive when it came to feedback and it was a much nicer environment to be in rather than an actual corporate interview.

This unit has been incredibly valuable to me and I hope to take what I have learnt into securing a placement.

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  1. I agree, the interviews we conducted were really helpful! I wasn’t aware at something trivial like first aid could be a big factor into getting a job!!

    You were great on your interview as well

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