My 2nd AC Pouch

My 2nd AC Pouch

When I go on a shoot, whatever my role may be, I wear my 2nd AC Pouch. It’s a side pouch similar to a builders belt where I can store and carry around with me important and useful tools that may be needed on a film set.

I like to be prepared for any situation I may be in so it is a really useful accessory to own.

It’s the CineBags CB03 AC Pouch and it has seven outside compartments and three inside.

On the outside, I store my different pens. I have two wipeboard pens for the slate, a biro to write with, a sharpie, and a lens cleaning pen. Lens cleaning fluid is kept in the side compartment.

On the inside, I have a 30M fibreglass soft tape to measure long focal distance, and a small notepad to log shots and write down any important information.

Inside Flap, is where I keep a lens cleaning cloth at hand, chalk (if ever I were to use a chalk slate), and a 10p piece for screwing flathead screws on tripods.

On the outside is attached a Lego minifig. There is a really nice story to that. During the summer of 2016 I went with my best friend, Jo, to Star Wars Celebration Europe. The two of us cosplayed for the first time ever and the costume I made and wore was a rebel pilot. Come Christmas time, I received in my stocking a Lego Star Wars Rebel Pilot Minifig from my parents because they thought that was me. It was such a lovely gesture and since then it’s been on my pouch acting as a little mascot and a nod to how nerdy I am. It does have a function though. When on a shoot it is really useful to have a torch with you, especially at night when the slate can’t be seen. The minifig doubles up as an LED torch by pressing his chest.

On the loop is where I hook my lanyard of tapes. I have four colours of cloth tape for marking up actors, a roll of Sellotape, masking tape, and a roll of duct tape.

Things I’m missing are a Leatherman multi-tool and crocodile clips.

I hope you have found this an interesting read and if you have any questions relating to what these tools do or why I may need them drop me a line below. Also if you think there are any things that I should change or add to my collection I’d be happy to hear.


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