It seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public

It seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public

We’ve made and tailored CVs, but to really get an understand of what media companies are looking for, our next task is to make a fake media-related job description and request other members in our class apply to it. This task challenges us to think ‘like an employer’.

Job Descriptions – A list of tasks and responsibilities associated with the post

Personal Profile – Qualities in a person an employer is after

As a group of four, Ollie, Chris, George, and I created a company with an entry level job we’re familiar in. As a play on words, and a reference to our nerdy behaviour, we named our company Good Robot Productions.

The role we created was for one that was recently advertised for real in the Bournemouth area, and students on our course, including George, had actually been a part of. It was for a Locations Assistant – a form of marshalling to keep pedestrians away from live shooting.

We came up with things the role would entail and what we would write in the description. These went from pretty simplistic criteria like ‘talking to the public’ to ‘working long hours’ and ‘knowing first aid’.

Ollie was designated Human Resources Manager for our company and emailed the job descriptions to a group in our class.

Good Robot Productions – Application Form

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