Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

This was a real step up from previous work I had done. Finally, I had gone out there, found a client, and provided them my services.

Most of the jobs I get are through friends or my reputation. Someone would come over to me and ask “Hey Will would you like this job” or “Hey Will come work with me for a day”. But this one I saw advertised and I immediately responded to it. This was a huge accomplishment for me – I was not nudged into this, nor was it hinted to me, I just scrolled through the ads until I saw something I liked and went for it. It is impressive because it made me feel professional – a leap from learning student to active freelancer.


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  1. This is something been intending on doing but have yet to find the time and I hope to find a client (likely through the uni) to do some work for maybe in 3rd year.

    From what you showed me and the updates you gave me as you worked on this project you did a great job and should be proud that you got there by reaching out yourself.

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